Current Exhibitions

Gordon Cheung: Here Be Dragons30 April – 17 July 2016

Gordon Cheung is a contemporary artist whose work captures the mood of the global collapse of civilization – or a dystopian, prophetic vision of it – where moral, economic and environmental crises have spun out of control.  Spiritual undertones are balanced alongside familiar contemporary images including sources from popular media, cyberspace, nature, and more recently, from historical painting.  The exhibition explores the birth of the first multinational company and Modern Capitalism in the Dutch Golden Age and features new large-scale paintings, animations and digital works made especially for Nottingham Castle and shown here for the first time. More information:

Gordon Cheung: Here Be Dragons, install shot, taken by John Hartley

Gordon Cheung: Here Be Dragons, install shot, taken by John Hartley

This solo exhibition, generously supported by Edel Assanti, London and Alan Cristea Gallery, London

Chloe Langlois: I Fear no Man, no Beast, or Evil, 30 April – 17 July 2016

Chloe Langlois is the latest artist to be invited by Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery to exhibit work in the Castle’s café table vitrines. I Fear no Man, no Beast, or Evil is a series of wrestling tableaus which hover between fan art and devotional or religious objects. Once the wrestlers are taken from their original backgrounds, found in action shots from old World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) magazines, the moment is displaced and becomes distorted; figures appear to be emerging from battle, levitating in ecstasy, sharing an intimate moment or performing a shamanistic healing ritual. More information:

untitled shoot-8405

I Fear no Man, no Beast, or Evil, Chloe Langlois, 2016, photograph by John Hartley


Still Showing

Painting in Broken Tones: Sir John Alfred Arnesby Brown (1866-1955), Spotlight Exhibition, 21 April 2016 – 30 April 2017, Long Gallery

It is 150 years since the birth of Nottingham-born landscape and cattle painter Sir John Alfred Arnesby Brown, he first studied at the Nottingham School of Art in the late 1880s and then entered the studio of Andrew MacCallum. Our small display from the Castle’s collection celebrates the work of one of Britain’s top landscape painters. More Information:

The Estuary, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk; Brown, John Alfred Arnesby; Nottingham City Museums and Galleries

The Estuary, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk; Brown, John Alfred Arnesby; Nottingham City Museums and Galleries


The Sound of Silence17 February – 26 June 2016 F Gallery, First Floor

This small selection from the Art Photography collection showcases works in which artists have captured the charged atmosphere of empty rooms and spaces.  Through devices such as scale, perspective, manipulation of the image or, in the case of two of the works, introducing light behind the image, each artist has created a sense of drama and expectation. Whilst the images are devoid of any living presence, they hint at the aura of previous occupants. More information:

Paris: Bed Edge, Elisa Sighicelli, 2000

Paris: Bed Edge, Elisa Sighicelli, 2000


Exhibitions Coming Soon

Evelyn Gibbs in Peace and Wartime 9 July – 9 October 2016

Leonardo da Vinci: 10 Drawings from the Royal Collection 30 July – 9 October 2016

Leonardoodle da Vinci: 15 Tables 30 July – 9 October 2016

The Nottingham Castle Open 2016 22 October 2016 – 8 January 2017


Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery is proud to be a part of represented on the Art Map, a means of exploring some of the expansive artistic activity taking place in the City. Nottingham Art Map is developed in dialogue with a steering group of representatives from visual art venues in Nottingham.

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